• Step 1

    Let's Get Connected

    • This machine ID: This will be uniquely generated number on each host machine.
    • Credential: This will be randomly generated and will change every time we launch the software. Unless, user click on Save ID&Password.
    • Save ID and Password: Stores the same Machine ID and Password static for the host machine. If uncheck, it generates Random ID and Credentials.

    Clicking on the MINIMIZE button will close the console to keep working, but the application will still be running and can be relaunched from the system tray – Click on small monitor icon.

  • Step2

    Connect To another Computer

    • Remote Machine ID: Enter the remote Machine ID here.
    • Remote Machine Password: Enter the remote Machine Password here.
    • Connect To Remote: Will initiate the connection with the Remote Machine.
    • It will show “Waiting on Other Side”
  • Step 3

    Remote Machine will show the status as “The Remote Machine Connected”

  • Step 4

    Queried List

  • Step 5

    If user click Add Group button, following input dialog will be appear..

    Group(s) can be added here.

    Same as above you can add host to group.

  • Step 6

  • Step 7

    Here you should input host name and host id which represent remote machine name and remote machine id. Make sure when you are adding any machine and password, remember to put a check box on the remote application to “Mark ID and Password Default for This Machine” also click on Save ID & Password.

  • Step 8

    Queried Machine Status: (After Machines are Added)

    • Eg.: If pc1 is not connected, it will appear in disconnected state.
    • If pc2 is connected, tit will appear in connected state. In undefined Group: All machines running WinGag application will be listed here. User can click user item to invite it with its password.
  • Step 9

    Remote Control

    Once you connect to a machine, the following screen will be displayed with some options to control the remote session.

  • Step 10


    The application includes several actions such as ‘End Session’’, ‘Restart’, ‘File Transfer’, and ‘Open Task Manager

    • Click on End Session to finish the session.
    • Clicking on Restart will reboot the remote machine, once the user logs back on to the desktop , the session will get connected automatically. (This will be changed in future versions)
    • Using File Transfer user can copy files from one session to another.
    • File Transfer
    • When you click the send, or receive button after selecting the file, the selected file will be copied between machines.

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